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Our Vision & Philosophy:

  • Zaniyan is dedicated to protecting and teaching about growing and using native & heritage plants for food and Medicine
  • We build sustainable, resilient food systems, supporting food sovereignty, and creating food security
  • We integrate the holistic model of mind, body, heart, and spirit into healing
  • We believe science and technology are powerful tools that can solve problems, and also create them
  • We consider birthing, breastfeeding and how we care for the young to have a profound and lifelong impact on humans and the future welfare of the planet
  • We respect and care for our elders, recognizing their knowledge and wisdom are finite and precious resources needed for our survival, well-being and preservation of all nations culture and heritage
  • We support loving and dignified end of life care, and believe that the remains after death are sacred and should be respected
  • We expect and prepare for disruption in our current system and infrastructure, either due to the earth fighting back creating natural disasters, or economic or social upheavals, and plan for self-reliance and work towards greater self-sufficiency
  • We recognize the devastation that addiction plays in people’s lives and health, and believe solutions can be found in prayer, ceremony and herbs
  • We believe that  permaculture principles and ethics:  Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share can help heal the earth and create a better world
    • Earth Care:  Rebuild natural capital. The Earth is a living, breathing entity. Without ongoing care and nurturing there will be consequences too big to ignore.
    • People Care: Look after self, kin and community. If people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper.
    • Fair Share:  Set limits and redistribute surplus. We are provided with times of abundance which enables us to share with others.

We are creating strategic partnerships and cooperatives of individuals, families, tribes, and businesses to help make our vision a reality.  We are in our earliest stages of development and are accepting nominations for additional members for our Council of Elders, our governing body and advisory members.