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September 30, 2016 | Joanne Holland Medicine Lodge Buffalo Hide

My friend Joanne Holland, an MD and herbalist from whom I have learned much, today passed to me an incredible gift for the Medicine Lodge. A buffalo hide she received from a doctor, so it has always been in the care of healers.

I can’t say how much I am honored and blessed to create space for this to be brought for healing for the Water Protectors.



September 30, 2016 | Daphne’s Gift: Healing Community Lodge Tipi

A GIFT to DAPHNE Singingtree at Standing Rock.

On September 20 we posted that Daphne was gifted a tipi as a Healing Community Lodge for Standing Rock. It was purchased by Brian R Davis with our 15% donation discount and we added some painting for free.

Brian’s signature is an Eagle Feather, which we painted on the lodge as well. The tipi is currently on Erica’s truck on its way to Standing Rock.