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2017 Project

The Growing Resistance Project 2017 is bringing volunteers, plant starts, seeds, books, and gardening tools and supplies to the Water Protector Resistance Camps that evolved from the Standing Rock protests. Willing volunteers will also stay for a time and help the people plant their own food and medicine.

The first group from Eugene plans to depart mid-June.  More trips are being planned throughout the summer. We are coordinating with existing community groups that grow food for people living in the Standing Rock, Pine Ridge, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River, and Rosebud reservations.

Volunteers and supplies needed! See lists below.

NEW DATE: June 16-17. Our benefit yard sale planned for June 9-10 is being postponed due to rain. HOWEVER, we will be OPEN and selling medicinal herbs and organic veggie starts during those same hours, 9 am – 4 pm on June 9-10, as well as collecting donations of garden books, magazines, garden supplies of any kind, and any general donations for the yard sale for the following weekend. Eagletree Herbs, 2740 Shirley Street, Eugene, Oregon. 

Lakota reservations are extreme food deserts. The people have little to no access to fresh vegetables, or to any type of natural, organic, or non-GMO foods. Herbal medicines are equally hard to come by. The highest rates of life-threatening health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, and the lowest life expectancy, are on these Lakota reservations. Many of these conditions are preventable by having access to better food.

Supplies needed:

  • – Gardening tools: hoes, shovels, rakes, whatever is good for gardening
  • – Plant starts and seeds
  • – Gardening books and magazines
  • – Organic fertilizers and soil amendments
  • – Smart pots or raised beds (which can be transported in a small space)
  • – Watering and irrigation supplies
  • – Greenhouse supplies
  • – Gift Cards for Lowe’s and Walmart (few other stores in the area sell garden supplies)
  • – Cash for travel expenses and for purchasing items too heavy/unwieldy for transport (such as straw, soil, fertilizer, etc.)

Volunteers needed:

Going to the Reservation:

  • – You need to be self sufficient
  • – You need to have some permaculture and gardening experience
  • – You need to be willing to drive to the Dakotas and live there for a few days to a few weeks to help people get gardens established



  • – Eugene-area volunteers willing to pick up and prepare supplies for transport to the Reservations


Virtual and Elsewhere:

  • – Volunteers to work on virtual projects such as this site, social media, etc.
  • – Volunteers to organize runs from outside of Oregon to the Resistance Camps and Community Centers
  • – Volunteers to help create fundraisers and awareness campaigns
  • – Grant writers and board members

Donation Drop-off Points, Eugene Area:

Corner Organic Market, 295 River Road, Hours: Closed Sun & Mon Open Wed-Fri 12-6 pm Friday 12-4 pm

  • Eagletree Herbs, 2740 Shirley Street, Eugene (home business – open most times but please call 541-688-9404 before coming)

Contact us for Dakota  addresses to drop off or mail items directly.

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