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Standing Rock is one of the poorest reservations in the country, unemployment rate up to 80%, an average income of $5,000 a year. There is no Toys for Tots or similar program. Last year through this wonderful gifts and toys were sent to families on the Rosebud reservation. This year we are working with the Wakpala Public School on the Standing Rock reservation to distribute gifts. While all of us can decry the materialism of Christmas, when you are a child that does not matter. If you are child living in poverty you understand quickly that Santa does not give all good boys and girls what they want for Christmas, they give privileged kids things, and you are lucky to get whatever you get. On a deep level, there is a feeling of somehow you are not “good” enough, that other children are “better”, and you are “less than”. Memories are precious, as are children.

Please send toys and gifts directly to the school, however if you wish your deduction to be tax deducible, either send a cash donation via Paypal or a copy of your receipt to 

Wakpala School _ Christmas Gift Drive
12250 SD Hwy 1806
Wakpala SD 57658

Most needed: Toys/Art Kits for Boys & Girls ages 5-12; Pajamas/Blankets for any age; Basketballs for teens;
Athletic Shoes (basketball or running) for teens Adult sizes 6-13 Packs of socks for teens (Adult sizes)

If you want to give electronics, e-readers and educational stuff is great, we prefer that over video games.

We are asking for new toys, the exception being for used working tablets or ereaders. Please deregister or clear any personal data.

Amazon wish list up, but it is just for ideas, be sure to cut and paste the address of the school and send directly to the school.

For wrapped toys please specify the age range and gender of the child on the outside.If you send things requiring batteries, please include extra batteries, most people there can’t afford them. Please send new toys or gifts, the exception would be working tablets or ereaders (erase all personal data).