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Experiential Learning Intern and Apprentice Programs

Many of our educational programs are taught by Elders in our community as we are very much committed to the inter-generational model of learning and teaching.

Internships and Apprenticeships

We are referring and partnering with small farms, businesses and organizations for internships and apprentices. Currently we are partnered with Eagletree Herbs,  Love Light Herb Farm, Peacock Feast Farm. We developing a registry of Knowledge Holders willing to take interns and apprentices. We have a need for local people who can also offer housing.


We will be sponsoring a number of workshops in 2018, please sign up for the newsletter for those announcements.

Food Grows Community Inter-generational Project

In partnership with Reality Kitchen, a free organic lunch for River Road neighborhood elders and guests while interacting with each other and the Reality Kitchen students. Michael Vasquez has planted a large organic garden on donated land in the neighborhood to produce food for the weekly lunches. Volunteers from across the community gather and contribute time and talents to harvest and help prepare food.

Zaniyan’s goal is to promote food sovereignty and the education that is needed to develop self-reliant communities. We create opportunities for intergenerational experiential learning. This project increases neighborhood social capital and caring. The convergence of organic food grown within a few miles, together with enthusiastic volunteers and young adults in conversation with elders, has created a lively and growing community worlds away from institutionalized free lunch programs.

For more information, go here.

Garden Helper Program

The Zaniyan Garden Helper Program matches graduates from our intern programs with those needing help.  Elders or anyone needing extra garden help can call and get a referral. Weeding, watering, planting, composting, and bed preparation in organic food and herb gardens are the typical tasks for our Garden Helpers.

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