October 12, 2016 | Essential Defender, Thieves Oil Recipe

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This is the first time I have been able to get Internet since I got here nine days ago as I have been too busy setting up to leave the camp. My last post was for yesterday’s action.

It is very cold here. I don’t think anyone who is not here knows how hard it is to get out of a warm bed into a cold tent or tipi and go Stand for the Water. I am so proud of everyone in my camp who went. I don’t go to actions, as it is too hard for me to walk. So everyone can stop worrying about me. I am not getting arrested. Just cold.

Working on getting all the tipis up, stoves in, canopies winterized. Lots of respiratory illness. I caught a cold too, but am on the mend.

Going through lots of Essential Defender, my brand of Thieves Oil. You can find the recipe to make it and where to send it at Eagletree Herbs.

We are Zaniyan Wellness at Sicangu or Rosebud Camp. It is quieter here, fewer people, but less help too, so still setting up, as I am helping with general medical as well as herbal. If you are in camp come see us.

If you are sending stuff, we need reusable water bottles, travel mugs, tea balls and strainers, rugs, ropes, and tarps.

I am overwhelmed by the support from all the people sending such needed resources.

Every day I am meeting Indigenous people from all over and learning so much.



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