October 15, 2016 | The generosity of many

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Generosity. That is what strikes me most about my experiences here at the Zaniyan Wellness Space at Sicangu/Rosebud camp.

A group of school children in Rhode Island made up little paper bags with art on them, most we gave out before I got a photo. Inside each bag was a Water Protector Wellness Kit, with lip balm, calming teas, and herbal salve.

The guy holding the bag, Christopher, came in for tea, got a bag, and asked what we needed. I said, plastic organizer bins and a stove pipe elbow. He drove into Bismarck (over an hour away) bought them, and brought them back tonight.

Angels, helpers, supporters, more than I can name. I have a small herbal product business. I know how little money is made and how much time goes into each product. So many wonderful herbal medicines are sent every day.

A Facebook group of midwives sent a whole canopy full of needed supplies. The list goes on.

Beauty, commitment, courage, resilience, all are here. But generosity from the world sustains us not just in body but in spirit.



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