October 24, 2016 | A scary day in the Rosebud/Sicangu camp

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This was a scary day today here in the Rosebud/Sicangu camp. Following all the arrests yesterday, there was a call for everyone to move to the front line camp. Roads were blocked, and if you went into town, you may not be able to get back.

The Medic/Healer teams have been busy with injuries and psychological trauma from yesterday. I have not been doing medical or first aid on this side of the river, just herbs and learning with traditional healers here, but since I arrived, I have been working to set up a medic station that follows safe practices and would be warm. I have been coordinating with the other Medics/Healers, but progress is slow. Everyone here is working hard under really difficult conditions. Volunteers often stay such a short time, coordination is challenging.

We were in the process of moving to the new space when the call came in that I needed to get the big canopy ready for injuries if the military raided. The canopy was being used for storage and has no heat. We were also told to be ready to evacuate to Sacred Stone Camp, as it is private land. Fortunately, two ER nurses showed up and quickly helped to get the station ready. Dr Erica Rotondo also returned, so we were prepared but not needed, which is better than being needed and not prepared.

There is a lot of uncertainty here about the moving of camps. The beautiful thing about tipis is that they are easily movable. But I am safe, and I don’t believe that the military will invade camps with elders and children; we come to them to be arrested.

In addition, two Naturopaths from Seattle arrived. So it looks like there will be enough help that I can go home and tend to my neglected real life.

It is hard to leave. I feel very appreciated here. It took a while to be accepted by the local people, but they help me every day. People are fasting and praying here. Water Protectors are what warriors look like.

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