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Standing Rock Camp Support

Starting in the Spring of 2016, Zaniyan raised funds and sent supplies, people, and support for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. Starting as a NoDAPL protest camp, Standing Rock evolved into a historic gathering of over 300 tribes camping on the Reservation near Cannonball, ND. We set up a space at Oceti Sacewin for the tea station, taught classes, provided space for sharing, and gave away herbal products.

On the second trip, working in collaboration with the Medic/Healer Council, Zaniyan Wellness set up the medic station and an herbal tipi at the Rosebud/Sicangu camp. Volunteer nurses, EMTs, NDs, MDs, and other professionals worked side by side with traditional healers and herbalists. The team at Zaniyan Wellness at one point treated more than 100 people a day, and many more during protest actions. The team provided an integrative approach using both herbs and access to conventional medical providers as available. We also offered tea, classes, immune support and a place to share knowledge as well as treating illnesses.

Donated funds were used for camp infrastructure: Canopies, tarps, solar panels, a 12-volt system, tables, chairs, stoves, heat, insulation, shelving, organizational bins, and medical supplies. We also purchased and transported more than 10 wood stoves, stove pipes, and related materials. Funds were also used for gas, travel expenses, and trailer rentals for numerous trips. After the camps closed, supplies were distributed to other protest camps and the surrounding communities.



Future Support for Water Protectors

Zaniyan Center’s core mission is to provide earth-based healing educational services. By serving those who are working to protect the earth and water, we have been able to provide hands-on educational and clinical opportunities for both providers and students to learn about traditional healing used by indigenous people. Our primary focus is not political, but rather being of service to those who are. We plan to continue to support as we can.


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You can also make a Tax-Deductible Donation to Zaniyan for funds to be used to buy supplies and provisions for to support additional protest camps.