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2017 Decolonizing Natural Medicine Conference

Usual cost of the conference:

Saturday Conference: $75.00 or $40.00 student/low income. After 11/27 $90/55
Includes lunch.

Please keep in mind that Saturday is designed for health practitioners, or students who will become health practitioners, Sunday is more geared toward general interest.

Sunday Post Conference: $65.00 or $35.00 student/low income.. After 11/27 $80/50
Includes lunch.

Both days $125.00 or $60/student/low income. after 11/27 $150 & $75

If you are unable to afford this we offer the following.

Work Trade: 4 hours for Saturday and 3 Hours for Sunday or 7 hours total for both days.

Types of tasks needed.

  • Helping with promoting the conference online or distributing flyers (we have a list).
  • Helping with food, clean up, both before, during and after.
  • Helping prepare conference packets, name badges, etc
  • Helping during the conference, registration
  • Computer work, editing, social media, marketing, video production
  • Volunteering for other Zaniyan projects to free staff members to work on conference. Have a creative alternative? Email us.

Scholarships: If you are unable to do a full or partial work trade and wish a scholarship, contact us and tell us a bit about yourself and why you qualify.

We wish to support those who are members of any community that has problems accessing holistic health care such as: people of color, indigenous (tribal membership not required), and LGBTQ. We also want to support activists who are working to protect the water and earth, and volunteer health care workers currently working in underserved communities. We are also prioritizing those who are coming from out of the area who may have travel expenses.

Deadline for scholarships is Nov 27th, but we will let people know sooner, so they can make plans.