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2016-2017   Standing Rock

One of the programs we have been honored to be part of was the Wellness Space at the Rosebud/Sicangu camp at Standing Rock, read more here.

2017 Programs  

Food Grows Community Inter-generational Project
Partner with Reality Kitchen

This project provides a free organic lunch for River Road neighborhood elders while  interacting with each other and the Reality Kitchen students. Volunteers from across the community are also involved on a regular basis to harvest and prepare food.

Zaniyan’s goal is to promote food sovereignty and the education needed to develop self-reliant communities. We create opportunities for intergenerational experiential learning. This project increases neighborhood social capital and caring. The convergence of organic food grown within a few miles, pairing enthusiastic volunteers with young adults in conversation with elders has created a lively and growing community different than institutionalized free lunch programs.
Holistic Community Health Workers –We are in the process of developing curriculum for a training program utilizing plant medicine as well as an understanding of medical care basics. Training will include health care triage, screening and prevention, and promoting wellness through education, informal counseling, social support, and advocacy.


Outreach Programs – Offering health promotion, herbal medicine, and wellness education to at Pow Wows, and other Native American events.

We are just getting started, want to volunteer? Contact us!