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We are in the development stage of establishing programs as well as are partnering with existing programs, businesses, and farms, which support our goals, vision and philosophy. Currently we are partnered with as Eagletree Herbs and Peacock Feast Farm.  We offer educational and development support for their intern programs, and plan on offering more services and resource sharing in the future.

We will be offering, internships, apprenticeships, short workshops, and weekend or longer intensives in the following areas:

Permaculture Growing in Harmony with the Earth

  • Food Sovereignty & Resilience
  • Organic & Biodynamic Farming Methods
  • Indigenous and Native Crops
  • Growing for low water environments and climate change

HealingSelf – Community – Planet

  • Healing of Self
    • Internal Arts – Herbs, Nutrition, Exercise and Movement, Spirituality
  • Healing and Service to Others
    • Herbal Medicine & Medicine Making
    • Evidence-based Clinical Knowledge
    • Nature Based Healing Modalities
  • Protecting and Preserving the Earth
    • Botanical Sanctuary Preserving Endangered Medicinal Plants
    • Integrating Sustainable Forestry Practices

Stewardship & Sustainability; Building & Living Skills

  • Sustainable Building Trades
    • Construction using on Green Materials – Cob, Straw Bale, Reclaimed
    • Tiny & Wheeled Homes Building
    • Woodworking – Furniture & Instrument Making
  • Natural Living & Homesteading Skills
    • Animal Husbandry & Beekeeping
    • Food Preservation
    • Heritage & Indigenous Skills

Life Cycle

  • Beginning of Life
    • Midwifery & Natural Birth
    • Protecting the Future Teaching Children & Youth
  • Elders
    • Preserving Indigenous & Many Nations Wisdom & Heritage
  • Death & Dying
    • Awareness and Respect