October 1, 2016 | Ugly Propaganda for Pro-DAPL

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I want to say a few words about some propaganda pieces that are going around:

1) The guy who writes the “say anything” blog will literally say anything. He is a well-known local idiot. He’s like a love child between Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, only he is one of the biggest earth-destroying fossil fuel lovers that I have ever witnessed. In my opinion, he’d have sex with a gas pump if he could and he is constantly pulling for big oil; it seems as though they must pay his salary. Further, his writing sucks…but that might be because he is attempting to reach an audience with a third grade or lower reading level. Please do not take him seriously. The “PRO-DAPL” site is just that…pro-pipeline propaganda. It is written for a third grade reading level and does not contain any real information, data, facts, names, or interviews…not even a quote with attribution. It is complete fairy tale.

2) No matter what Morton County, the State of North Dakota, blog writers, pipeline propagandists, and oil companies come up with, they can never actually provide a SINGLE BIT OF PROOF to back up their constant claims of violence, weapons, and lawlessness on the part of our peaceful Water Protectors. Did you notice that none of the photos from the “weapons” article were actually taken IN CAMP…except for one…and if you look closely, that gentleman (a former marine) is holding A FREAKING STICK! A STICK!! Do we have gun owners in camp? Yeah! We are hunters, after all! However, no Protectors are allowed to have their firearms in camp and they certainly would never take weapons to one of the direct actions. These writers are grasping SO DESPERATELY for anything negative, that they are pointing out (in the “weapons” blog post) a motorcycle or welding helmet in the back of a pickup truck as … and I am completely serious here … as proof of potential violence on the part of Water Protectors.

3) The blogs posts and the PRO-DAPL site both consist of lies, manipulation, and obvious propaganda. We ask you to use your critical thinking skills…think for yourself…or better yet, COME SEE US. Come visit and see for yourself.

The blog author, the cops, the oil companies and many other entities have sent UNDERCOVER AGENTS to the Sacred Stone Camps, and still not a single shred of actual proof of violence, weapons, or unlawful activity exists.

If we are threatening local people or destroying property, where are the police reports? Where is the proof that we are doing these things or perpetuating any type of violence? Why hasn’t anyone been arrested or even named for these incidents?

Thus far we have had many people – almost 100 – arrested for PEACEFULLY PROTECTING water, sacred sites, treaty rights, and traditional lands. Some of these folks were arrested on PUBLIC PROPERTY. We are not the violent ones.

The photos speak for themselves. We show up in prayer, and they show up with dogs, pepper spray, armored military-style trucks, semi-automatic weapons locked and loaded, and even crop-dusting planes that release unknown chemicals over the heads of peaceful men, women, and children.


#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #ResistGenocide




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