October 7, 2016 | Volunteers helping complete Zaniyan Wellness

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We are almost all set up now at the Zaniyan Wellness space at Sicangu/Rosebud camp. It has taken a while due to extreme winds, and it is very cold.

Leah Tamara had one of the canopies set up with the tea station when I got here. We had to integrate the communication center and stabilize and warm it.

The front line midwife group had set up a canopy and left a lot of supplies.

Dr. Erica Rotondo spent the last few days organizing the supplies, with help from Lianna Constatino from the Cherokee Healing and Wellness Center.

Along with Sarah Charlesworth, my Eugene friend, I borrowed items from the kitchen, so we now have the first aid station set up, treatment areas for privacy, and are still working on setting up the solar power for electric and getting heat and stability to the canopies.

Some wonderful helpers have appeared: Erika Tilley who will be working as an herbalist, Gabrielle, Kevin and Mary from Deadwood are helping with the camp along with Dillon Lovelove and Joseph Xan.

The Water Protectors are dealing with the elements and politics.

All I have time for is herbs and getting the camp ready for winter.

No Internet this side of the river, quieter, traditional.

Thank you donors & supporters for everything.

Lots of negative stories going around but from the ground here, all I am seeing is committed people working hard to protect the Water.




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